3 Ways You Can Improve Your Photography Website

                As already mentioned photographs/portraits are the most important thing for a photographer’s website. But is that really all? No, check out these 3 ways to improve your website and get noticed as a photographer!

1 – Make Your Website Easy to Use

                Don’t let your visitors have to figure out where to go for different information. Go with all the obvious choices, an About page, a Portfolio page, a Contact page will be a good start. If you are able to cover those, then you can grow in other directions and get more visitors. These pages will help your client base answer questions before even contacting you.

2 – Keep Your Website Simple

                Sure, that fancy looking flash-based website looks great, but is it just in the way or does it feel organic? Think about # 1 above and realize that most of your viewers have questions, about you, about your work, about your fees and about how to get in touch with you. Are all of those concerns being addressed or are you drowning them with flash animations?

3 – Create some Interesting Content, Images and Text!

                Almost every photography website I see has images, that’s a given, but not all have good literature, articles or blogs to read. Even the very large blog websites out there seem to be in simply a way for product manufacturers to reach a large audience. Why are all of their posts sponsored by different manufacturers? Can you trust their reviews?

                Flex some of your writing muscle and give your visitors something to read, to let them get a window into your personality and who you are as an artist.