5 Quick Tips to Better Photography

1 – Think Positive

You are what you think. If you are positive about this adventure, about this journey into Photography, then good things will come naturally and quickly.

2 – Network

Make friends with enthusiast and professional photographers. After all, doing this will help you stay motivated and inspired. If you surround yourself with great photographers, it will have an effect on you. You will know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and be able to share your profession/hobby with others who are interested in it as well.

3 – Keep Learning / Growing

You need to read, articles, blogs, and websites and try to become more knowledgeable about photography. To this day I do not think I have come across a photographer who claims to know it all and to have shot it all. Even photographers who are at the top of the world will not be as naïve to say they are done learning.

4 – Try New Things

If you’re bored or stuck creatively, then it’s time for a change. Work on a different project, join a competition, do some travel and try to change your routine. A healthy mind and body depends on a healthy lifestyle and doing the same thing every day will get mundane. Once you break out of the monotony of your routine, you will be re-invigorated and motivated. You might even see things from a different point of view and improve your photographer’s eye.

5 – Remember Your Roots

Don’t let your success or popularity get to your head. Don’t start turning clients down. Keep working hard and keep shooting all different kinds of subjects.