5 Reasons to Use a Tripod

You don’t always need one, but when you do, it’s great to use a tripod. Here are some great reasons why using a tripod is beneficial and under which kinds of situations.

1 – Stability

Let’s face it, even the best of us can only hold the camera stable for 1/4th of a second at the most? Don’t expect to get nice clear shots in low light with a hand-held camera, or nice HDR or Time-Lapse images.

2 – Slows You Down, Makes You Think

Think about your shots. This will make you become a better photographer. Your photo-shoots will have a higher percentage of good pictures.

3 – HDR, Time-Lapse and Low Light Photography, Long Exposures, Double Exposures

As already mentioned and beaten to death, the simple fact is that a tripod will hold your camera solid and prevent it from moving, resulting in the best possible images, no matter what the demanding conditions.

4 – Videography

A tripod keeps a camera very smooth and stable, which is the goal the majority of the time when taking a video. Unless for stylistic purposes you want camera shake or a hand-cam feeling.

5 – Helps You Get Lower and Higher shots.

They can be extremely useful if you can’t get down on the floor or jump up and get a shot. They let you take shots from otherwise inaccessible angles.