5 Tips to Help You Rock a Client Meeting

Not all clients are the same. Some know what they want, others want you to guide them through the process. And some think they know what they want but really don’t. This guide will help you make the best use of your time when meeting a client. Saving both yourself and your client a lot of time, confusion and head-ache.

1 – Research

                Depending on the type of client you have, you should research them. If it’s a company or model this pays dividends in the long run. Not only can you use this tip to get an idea of who your client is, but might give you ideas on how to make your client better rounded. If your model has only been shooting a certain type of look, you may want to present an aleternative idea, to keep things fresh and exciting. It all starts with research, a google search, their portfolio, their website, get to know them.

2 – Focus on Your Client

                We get distracted by the technicalities, but the reality is that this is about the client. When you sit down with them, focus on them and what they want. This gives them confidence in your priorities. Take notes and listen. Don’t cut your client off and start talking at them.

3 – Give them Your Ideas

Once No. 2 is done, present your ideas to them. Tell them why you think a specific idea would be worth pursuing and how it can impact your client. Make it about them. If you are shooting a model, tell him or her that they are missing a particular type of look or shot and tell them you want to give them that missing piece.

4 – It’s All in the Details

                Have you been taking notes? Good. Now, once your meeting with your client is done it’s really unprofessional to go back and forth changing your mind. So during the meeting, make sure you take good notes and have all the details written down. This will save you from having to send a bunch of annoying follow up emails.

5 – Get Ready to Shoot

                Once you have all of the above done, it’s time to thank your client for meeting with you and start to prepare for the shoot. At this point you have research, positive energy, ideas, detailed notes and a vision. Take all of those things and get pumped up for your shoot. Positive energy is contagious.