5 Ways to Overcome a Creativity Blockage

1 – Shoot for yourself

                We all need to pay bills, hence we shoot to do so, whether as a primary or secondary goal of our art and career choice. But that doesn’t mean that we need to let ourselves fall victim to the boredom and repetition of client related work. To change things up, shoot for yourself. Take images that you find difficult or challenging. Take images that you have been holding off for a long time. Take images that you want to take for your own albums and collections. You as an artist need to feel fulfilled on a personal level as well, and this will let you do that.

2 – Seek New Locations

                Wedding halls, parks, studios, you’ve been there and done that. If locations are causing you to lose creativity then look around online for places within a reasonable driving distance, pick a date and just go! You won’t know what you love or hate about the location until you do so. Not only may you find a new location which gets your blood pumping, but you can also find renewed love for the locations you already have found.

3 – Break Your Habits

                In following with the spirit of No. 2, do yourself a favor and break your routine. If you are used to shooting in the morning or the middle of the day then go out for a night stroll and shoot. Or visa versa. If you are used to tight shots, then go wide and zoom out, find rooftops and different points of view, which will give you new vision.

4 – Don’t Follow The Easy Path

                Do you always shoot in black and white? Do you always shoot from a low angle? Do you always shoot happy, upbeat images? Then try showing a different side of humanity, show the gritty, harsh, coldness of reality. Shoot in vivid colors. Do what you aren’t good at, challenge yourself. You may not take the best shots, but you will grow, and as you grow you will feel that same feeling that you do when you are passionate about your work.

5 – Allow Spontaneity

                Leave room in your tight schedule for some spontaneity. If you make yourself available you may be surprised to see how new creative opportunities present themselves. None of this can happen if you set a hard schedule and refuse to work outside your regular hours, or more than you usually do. Live life in the moment and become flexible.