How to Deal With Stress in Creative Environments

Even artists, those that thrive on the creative and the beauty of life and enjoying their craft can run into stressful situations and life. As a matter of fact, some would say that especially artists run into stress. After all, we are continually pushing ourselves and our art. So how do we cope with stress, whether it’s of our own making or that we are getting from our environment? Here are 5 tips.

1 – Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to eat healthy, workout, go out for a walk or a nice drive, talk to family. Keep your hygiene in check and take care of yourself overall. If your body and mind are at ease, stress will melt off.

2 – Find Your Time

Not all of us are meant to be night owls or early birds. Which are you? Maybe you should learn to stick to schedules that are best for your body. If you are a night person and you find yourself waking up very early for family events, then re-arrange your schedule. Your body will thank you for it, as you will also get enough rest.

3 – Disconnect

It’s okay to turn your email and phone off for a while. You are human being, and trust me you and your business will still be there when you’re ready to turn things back on. Sometimes we all just need to walk away from all the mass communication and back-and-forth chit-chat with friends, family and clients to just get some relaxation.

4 – Work with Friends

If you’re used to working alone, you may want to work with an assistant, your wife/husband/significant-other and maybe a friend. This will change things up and give you someone to communicate with, spend extra time with and just help get rid of that stress. Your mind will be preoccupied on other things.

5 – Meditate / Yoga

I love yoga. As of writing this post I’m now reminding myself that I need to make more time for it this week. However this doesn’t mean you need to throw your legs behind your back to get rid of your stress. The goal here is to meditate and find some quiet alone time to really walk inside of yourself and find peace from within.

No one likes stress, and the sooner you get rid of it, the better your craft and your health will be for it.