4 Tips on Improving Your Street Photography

1 – Look for more than just a Subject

The most influential policy of street photography seems to be to find an interesting subject to shoot. But that alone is not enough, you should still focus on proper technique, lighting and framing of your shot. The strangeness of your image will be highlighted even further if you create the sense of normalcy around the subject.

2 – Change Your Angles

Get high, get low, go far and get close. The most interesting images are often times ones where we see life from a different angle, shot in a different light or made to appear bigger or smaller than what you normally see with the human eye.

3 – Use Reflections to Your Advantage

That store-front glass window may not be a nuisance, try to capture a reflection off of it. The same goes for that half open window or any reflective surface for that matter. Doors, Mirrors, Screens are all great reflectors. Do they change the image? Do they create pleasing symmetry or patterns? They need to add to the image, not take away from it. Following again the philosophy outlined in tip # 2 above, you want to show some dimensionality to your images here.

4 – Look for Abstraction

Look for color, look for crazy, and look for different. You want to find subjects and locations that catch your eye. Shoot with the goal of telling a story, creating a composition, or showing the drama of life.