Where Can You Learn Photography?

How can you get started learning photography and becoming a photographer? Some will tell you to buy expensive equipment, others will tell you to go to a fancy school and pay for 4 years of college, others will tell you to buy a dozen books and take a million shots. There’s really no right or wrong answer and the only definite is that everyone is different. We all learn differently, that much is for sure, but is there generally a good starting point/ place to go to learn photography? I think so, that is why I have compiled this guide on affordable and accessible ways to learn photography.

1 – Youtube (Videos)

With today’s technology providing access to almost everyone in the world, online video services such as Youtube have quickly become the go-to place for learning about everything. Photography is no exception. Youtube is a great place to learn, instructional videos are available on all topics of photography, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed are good places to start. If you already have an internet connection, youtube costs you nothing extra, just your time.

2 – Google

If videos aren’t your cup of tea, or you can’t find a video on a specific situation/topic, then head over to google and run a search. You will be presented with heaps of results that will be helpful. You will be able to find helpful websites, forums and professional articles. Read through carefully and before you know it you will be learning.

3 – Books/Magazines

Yes, the old-school method. For many of us, we still prefer to sit down with a good book in quiet and maybe with some tea. We let the knowledge soak in one sentence at a time. Affordable books can even be found used, or free online, or brand new on amazon and other websites. Generally speaking you should be investing in books and magazines either because the information in them is not available elsewhere, they are written by a true professional who doesn’t contribute online or to youtube, or you learn best by reading. Otherwise, sticking to Youtube and Google isn’t a bad way to go.

4 – Practice, Practice, Practice (Make Mistakes)

Yes, the real world. Go out there and practice, that is how you will learn. “Where” you can learn photography is anywhere if you set your mind to it. You can learn it by reading articles here on izimaaphotography.com or other websites, or by taking your camera and playing with the settings and taking photos outdoors/indoors.

In closing, there really are a million ways to learn photography in today’s technology-dense atmosphere. Whether you learn best by watching a video, reading a article/book or by going out and practicing first hand the resources are endless. If you combine the power of all three, which I strongly recommend you do, then you are unstoppable. 🙂